Our Arrival - Shannon

Our first stop in New Zealand was a beach park in Nelson where we walked on the beach, drove go-garts and went down a really fun waterslide.  

Accelerating out of turn 4...The go-karts were these metal karts that went really fast if you pressed the gas pedal all the way down.  I crashed quite a few times, but my last lap was only a few tenths of a second slower than Cameron's fastest.  It was a lot of fun but also scary and I'm glad I got up the courage to do it.


Safety InstructionsThe slides were a lot of fun as well.  On the water slide, we went down on a mat, head first on our stomachs.  The first part has a lot of turns and then there was a certain part that went in a curve really fast like a roller coaster.  Almost every time when I exited the tube I totally wiped out.  There was one scary part where two kids decided to go at the same time, right after I took off.  I heard their screaming all the way down and I was pretty sure they were right behind me the whole time bumping into each other recklessly.

Wipe Out  






When we got to the house I was really tired but noticed how much art there was in our cottage.  It turns out the woman who owns the place is a famous artist in New Zealand.  Bird with a necklaceThere is one really pretty piece of a bird on top of a stone holding a beautiful necklace in it's mouth.  This one is my favorite.  The cottage has a ton of beautiful colors that make the place feel really warm and welcoming.

There is a little kitty cat that keeps coming up to the door of the cottage and meowing.  It is really friendly and I'm sure would love to come in to the house but dad said not to let him in.

I am hoping we have a chance to swim in the ocean today...

- Shannon