Dusky Dolphins - Shannon

Blue, salty, and full of life, what am I talking about? The Ocean! 

An early morning startToday we went to swim with the dolphins. We woke up at 4:30, had breakfast, walked down to Dolphin Encounters, got suited up in thick wetsuits, watched a short video then hopped on a bus that would take us to the boat that would take us to the dolphins.  Did I mention we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning?

At the readyOnce we were a little ways from the shore, the crew had us sit on the back of the boat to get ready to jump in when they gave the signal.  After entering the water we swam towards the dolphins.  The wet suit was hard to maneuver in but I did ok.  The dolphins weren’t particularly interested in playing with us but they did come over to check us out.

When we were swimming with the dolphins they went right around and under us - close enough to touch, but I didn’t.  Breathing though the snorkel I swam around making noises to attract their attention my personal noise was CaCaDoodle Dooo but it sounded weird under the water.  Once one of the dolphins started circling around me and it was adorable!!!  There were also a lot of babies at one point one of them came close to me - he was very cute

Our Pod of Dusky Dolphins

Tons of Jumps and FlipsAfter a bit of time passed, the horn would sound and we head back to the boat to get ready for another swim.   Up close and PersonalAfter four times in and out of the water I was exhausted and ready for the last part of the trip which was a photo op when we got lots of great photos and videos. 

My brother wanted me to mention that last time I said my favorite part was how cute they were and they still are.

Saying Goodbye