Mountain High - Cameron

TSS Earnslaw - Heading to QueenstownToday we went on many adventures including ones through man made courses and natural made mountains.

We started off our day by going to the market that happens every Saturday. Shannon bought a little bone carving as a souvenir. While mom and Shannon were still in the market, dad and I decided to take a look at the steamer, a boat which has been around for 100 years.

Luge ThrillsOnce we were finished with the market the fog finally cleared so we decided to go head up the gondola and do the luge and get some great views.

The luge wasn’t like the luge you see in the Olympics but it was still fun. There were two different tracks, One for going slower and one for going faster. I did the luge a total of four times. I did it twice on both tracks and the last time I did it I did it alone on the advanced track. I managed to go super fast that time and I posed for a lot of pictures.

Glenorchy LagoonAfter we got some really nice pictures from the great view up there we went to a little town out in the mountains [Glenorchy]. Over there there was a track where you walk to a lagoon, which we did. We happened to get some really nice photos of the lagoon and the scenery around it because of Shannon. Shannon had her camera out the entire time and she was taking photos of everything and a lot of them turned out to be pretty good photos!

Misty MountainAfter this busy day I think we were all ready to head back to the house. All of us were tired and wanted a bit of rest before we did anything else. Besides that fact we still had a ton of fun today enjoyed all of it. Well, maybe not me when we were on the trial because I was feeling sick but besides that........ We had a GREAT day!!!