Swimming and bungie jumpers!

Today, we went on a trip to the indoor swimming pool located near the queenstown airport. We left at around 8:00 am and then got there about 8:30 am. it was a huge pool that had slides that went both inside the building and outside the building! 

There were also two different sections where you could either swim laps or have some fun playing with your friends. I really liked the squirt guns that they had on the side of the pool. The squirt guns were all on poles and you would push a button and it would fire. I think I really annoyed my sister after squirting here 10 times in the face. 


There was also a lazy river where the current was VERY strong. We had a contest to see who could make it going around the circle against the current fastest. In the end, my dad won with superior strength and longer strides. 

Later that day we went to go watch some bungie jumpers do their crazy backwards-headfirst flips down the bridge. It was scary to see that a kid a bit you then me just walked off the plat form backwards like it was no big deal at all. I have to say it made me want to do the bungie jumping at the gondola more because there you were wearing a harness and weren't being flipped upside down and being tied by you ankle. 


Over all it was a very exciting day and I sure everyone was tired after the long and hard day was over.